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Bottom Balm

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Our award-winning Bottom Balm helps soothe and protect little bottoms. Regular use can help prevent nappy rash.

Calendula has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, while cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants, is high in vitamin e, and is well known for it’s healing and moisturising properties. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties while castor oil is naturally astringent, helping to pull impurities from the skin. It fights infection by inhibiting growth of bacteria and fungi, and has anti-viral properties. Coconut oil helps to increase collagen production and facilitate the healing of wounds, while beeswax is highly effective at locking in moisture and promoting cell development. Tea tree has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, and chamomile is calming and works as an anti-inflammatory.

How to use: 

Use liberally on clean, dry skin at nappy change time. Best when used regularly to soothe, protect and help avoid nappy rash.


sunflower oil (infused with calendula)*, cocoa butter*, shea butter*, castor oil*, coconut oil*, beeswax*, tea tree essential oil*, chamomile essential oil*

(*certified organic)



*Please note this is in no way intended to cure or prevent skin conditions or diseases. If you or your baby has a history of skin allergies or reactions we recommend you consult a medical practitioner prior to use.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Love love love all of your products I use them everyday! Bottom balm is one of my favs as it cleared my little mans nappy rash in a day and I am not talking a little nappy rash, he was so sore and upset from it and thank god I got some. Within minuets it was working! Recommend you try! I use all the creams and love them.

Best stuff

Well have used Basil Organics ever since Tarik was a tiny little baby and one of our favourites is Bottom Balm. It soothes, heals & prevents nappy rash. I buy it and highly recommend it to all of my friends.


So much better than any other bottom balm

Great for adults too!

I’m a 58 year old women who has experienced high levels of post menapausal itching and rashes around the perimeter of my ‘delicate’ area. Nothing including doctors recommendations has helped this embarrassing and highly irritating problem until my sister introduced me to Bottom Balm!!! It hasn’t cured the problem but it has given me FULL relief from the itching and redness! Cannot highly recommend this product enough.

Absolutely the best stuff!

This product works wonders. Any time my baby has a rash or redness or spots if any kind, no matter where they are on the body, this balm repairs, rejuvenates and devices the skin. The irritation is gone within a day or two. Amazing stuff! Highly recommended.