Baby Oil

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Baby Oil


Massaging your little one not only helps soothe and calm them before bed time, but it's a wonderful way to promote bonding.

This is a lovely massage oil, containing apricot and olive oils, which are great to add moisture, and avocado oil to help treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and facilitate the healing of wounds and burns. Jojoba oil is great for sunburn, dry skin, psoriasis and other skin ailments, and it's also antibacterial and anti inflammatory. 
You can also use this in baby's bath to help moisturise dry, sensitive skin.

How to use:

Squirt a couple of pumps of oil into your hands and rub together to warm. Then using gentle, circular motions apply the oil onto baby's skin. May also be used in baby's bath to moisturise dry skin.


apricot oil*, jojoba oil*, avocado oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, lavender essential oil*, chamomile essential oil*

(*certified organic) 

^ Vegan


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