Owning your Birthing Experience— with Organic Pregnancy Skincare

As a pregnant mama, you dedicate a lot of energy into thinking about how this precious parcel will be delivered into the world. We have our wish list of the optimum conditions we’d like to have for bringing our babes into the world. But just like life itself, we need to think about being flexible with our idea of what birthing will be like because often our needs, baby's needs and our circumstance can dictate the birth, and pregnancy, we have. That's why we believe in having a tool kit at your disposal to give you resilience no matter what life (and birth) throws at you! And naturally, our organic pregnancy skin care can help. 

Being Proactive with your Toolkit 

Like all best laid plans in life, it helps to be proactive when it comes to the how. So much of becoming a mother is out with your control, and this is a way to stay in the driver's seat. The products you use, how you dedicate your energy, and measures you put into place can be a tool you use for perceived control, letting you own your birthing experience. BasiK Organics founder Nishty explains to us why she believes in empowered birthing after her own success story with both hypnobirthing and putting in the scaffolding with self care rituals using organic pregnancy skincare. In Nishty’s eyes, being informed meant being prepared when it came to birthing her baby, and what results is a positive birthing experience.

Why Hypnobirthing and Organic Pregnancy Skincare

Our founder Nishty would love to share her reasons behind why she chose hypnobirthing as a tool for a beautiful birthing experience. But first the facts, Hypnobirthing Australia report that hypnobirthing can reduce the frequency of caesarean births, inductions as well as the use of morphine and epidurals in birthing. And the positive stats don't end there, “94% of mothers were more relaxed while pregnant. 89% overcame their fears and anxiety. 90% reported to be confident about a natural birth and 91% excited about birthing” as according to Hypnobirthing Hub. For Nishty she loved the perceived control that preparing for birth by following a hypnobirthing program gave, particularly when it came to when to engage the surges and when to breathe. Plus by actively scheduling in deeply restorative practices such as a long bath paired with positive visualisations in our organic pregnancy skincare bath soak or rubbing in some deeply hydrating baby oil into her growing bump. All these little things and steps to positive practices add up.

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Using Affirmations for an Empowering Birth 

Using affirmations in your self love practices in the lead up to birth, positive self talk and positive visualisation is a way to tap into your unconscious mind. Using a beautiful organic belly butter to rub and smooth into your skin while taking in a moment to appreciate your body and all its doing to create this new life is an easy practice to incorporate into your routine, even for the time poor. You don’t have to go to an hour-long class to pair your self affirmations with daily personal care. Doing these things for yourself during pregnancy models a level of self care we hope is passed down to our little ones. Using affirmations for birth aims to assist in channeling your natural ability to birth. Having a baby is primal, there is something that takes over which you can lean into, in that moment. By putting the scaffolding in, with using our organic pregnancy skin care rituals or practising hypnobirthing techniques, we believe it can all come more naturally.  

How to Hypnobirth for Vaginal and Caesarean Births 

Regardless of how your baby is delivered, the lead up to that new arrival is a great time to put the measures in place to care for yourself. Your mindset can affect you and your baby physiologically during this precious time. The techniques practised during hypnobirthing such as relaxation, self hypnosis and positive self talk aim to keep you calm and centred in the process of growing your baby and during birth. Like most things, you can learn hypnobirthing online, on smart phone apps or in person. Some love the community that comes with attending a group hypnotherapy course with a cohort of similar pregnant mums, parents, and support persons. You can also seek one-on-one support from a doula who can provide bespoke care to you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. To safeguard yourself, find a program or practitioner that is certified by Hypnobirthing Australia

Empower with our Goddess-worthy Birthing Scent.

You've climbed that mountain, now hold on to that vibe. We believe you are the most beautiful and powerful you have ever been the day you birth your baby. Lean in, sway and rouse by rolling our stirring birthing scent on pulse points during labour. Pay special attention to the labour focus point on the inner ankle. Combine with deep breaths, energising thoughts and assure yourself ‘I’ve got this’. We recommend using this as desired throughout birthing, and beyond. After labour, you can continue that empowered vibe by using throughout your cycle or any time you want to conjure your inner goddess.

Although our organic pregnancy skincare can help, we believe it’s BasiK-ly all you, from within.

You already have it in you to birth your baby, the courage to lean into your primal instincts and the trust in yourself to make the right steps towards a successful birth.  Loving yourself and your growing bump with powerful plant ingredients and self love practices are just the icing on the cake. 

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