BasiK Organics started back in early 2011, when I made the decision to go 'clean' with my skin care and make-up routine. 

I've always had an interest in make-up and beauty, as well as a passion for health and alternative therapies. Never before however, had I thought about the possible effects that my make-up and skin care could be having on my health. Looking at the back of these products I could count upwards of 20-30 ingredients, many of which I struggled to even pronounce. And these toxic chemicals were being readily absorbed into my skin, each and every day. After trying dozens of so called 'natural' and 'organic' store-bought products I became frustrated with just how few of these products actually contained 100% non-toxic ingredients, and I was spending a pretty penny on the majority of them.

So I started researching and experimenting with making my own products. I found that not only did they have, or in fact need fewer ingredients than many store-bought ones, but more often than not they were more effective.

Then, in mid 2011 I discovered I was pregnant and it gave me even more reason to ditch everything toxic in my bathroom cabinet. The thought of exposing my precious little baby to nasty chemicals was simply not an option!

My son was born in early 2012 and I spent many, many hours researching products that were both effective and chemical-free to use on my little man.
While some of the products I was using did in fact meet this criteria, many of them weren't exactly cost-effective, and I thought if I could make natural skin care products good enough for me, why not try making my own baby products too.

In 2013 I officially launched my all-natural range of baby products. 
During the first year in business I knew there was always going to be ways I could improve my range and ingredients. Moving towards 100% organic ingredients was always something I had wanted to do and I knew I had to make it happen. 
And so in mid 2015 I decided to include 100% organically certified ingredients in my range.

Now a mother of two beautiful boys and a gorgeous baby girl, I am passionate about health and well being, and I believe the BasiK Organics range provides truly organic, safe, effective skin care products for the entire family. 

All of our products are made by hand in small batches, to ensure freshness and quality.

Kristen x