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After giving birth, many women struggle to regain their bodies and feel like themselves again, like many of those women I too had my own personal challenges and struggles. Since I knew I needed safe, comfortable tools for me and my baby, I set out on a journey of creating them.

These two amazing products tick all those boxes! It’s been a labour of love for designer and developing the Em-BasiK firming cream and the BasiK Belly Band, but I know you’re going to love them as much as I do! #gamechanger

What is the BasiK Belly Band?

It's a body shaper, contour maker and confidence booster all-in-one.  Giving gentle compression to provide form and shape for your beautiful body at any stage of life. As busy mums ourselves, we know sometimes you feel like you need a helping hand!

Our bodies are always changing, which can affect your posture and your strength. Feeling like yourself again takes time. The BasiK Belly Band provides shape and hold for the areas you may feel less than confident in, so you can exercise and move around with the extra self-assurance you need.

The slim fit of the belly band provides a streamlined look under your clothes, made with a breathable fabric, it's easy to wear and will become your new BFF! Even beyond pregnancy, you can continue to wear it in times you may need.

Em-BasiK Firming Cream 

Feeling cheeky? For boobs, bum and tum— and anywhere else you may be open to a little toning. Protectors of hard working skin all over, this luxurious moisturiser hydrates your skin. While you get on with life and all of its beautiful challenges.

Organic jojoba oil, nourishing shea and cocoa butter are potent moisturisers protecting from visible signs of stretch marks and dry skin conditions for all skin types. Gotu Kola extracts and Bakuchiol, known as retinol’s plant-based sister, steps in to add the ‘firming’ into our firming cream (with the benefits of being non-irritating and pregnancy friendly). Pineapple extracts gently exfoliate, while Kakadu plum contains vitamin C boasting intense hydration.

All while smelling like an exotic retreat for you and your beautiful body.

Hero Ingredients:


The Extracts (Organic Pineapple, Organic Kakadu Plum, Organic Gotu Kola, Comfrey)

Organic Jojoba oil

Organic Shea Butter

Organic Cocoa butter

Organic Coconut Oil

BasiK Belly Band Size Chart :

Size Belt

Small 80cm 100cm 10cm
Medium 20cm 125cm 10cm
Large 30cm 140cm 15cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Emily Maltha
    You need this!

    Absolutely loving the firming cream, it smells so good & is paired perfectly with the waist band which is also helping with my back pain! Highly recommend.

    Amazing product

    I have been using this for a week now and although it’s very soon I can definitely see a light difference in my posture and flatter tummy I’m also very surprised at how it has improved my lower back pain I would definitely recommend this product to everyone

    Who is it for?

    Designed by a mother, personal trainer, corporate professional and an athlete. We understand your motivation to support your body and what it needs to recover and be strong. We ask you to check with your GP/Obstetrician before using the BasiK Belly band. We encourage time, kindness, and patience on your journey to getting back to you.

    Designed right here in Melbourne, Australia, this comfortable band can be worn by any body seeking an additional support, in the times you need it most.

    How Does It Work?

    The BasiK Belly Band has been designed so that it’s adjustable, easy to wear and comfortable for daily use. It can be worn by any body during different times of your life including during exercise, sitting at a desk, work, out shopping, or whenever you need a helping hand. Its materials have been carefully selected, so it stays comfortable on the skin, for however long you choose to wear it. It won’t roll up or down under clothing.

    The BasiK Belly Band supports you during different stages of life.

    ● Anytime you want to streamline your silhouette and add shape

    ● Supporting you with the extra load you are carrying. Its firm, adjustable design will grow with your belly and support you during exercise, or even just daily activities.

    ● It can be worn comfortably during postpartum recovery for both natural and c-section births. It is also supportive for your back during breastfeeding.

    ● By providing gentle shaping the Basik belly band can create a visibly smoother look under clothing, the strong fibres can give you the hold you might be craving after having your baby. Use alongside our Belly Butter or Em-BasiK Firming Cream for maximum skin loving benefits!

    How To Wear & Use It

    Wear your BasiK Belly Band under or over your clothes. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    STEP 1

    Pop the padding on the inner side and tension straps on the back.

    STEP 2

    Secure the Velcro in front of the shaper and position it so that it cradles the abdomen, (normally below the belly button).

    STPE 3

    Choose your desired support, compression, and fit by simply adjusting the side tension straps.

    That’s a wrap! Wear with confidence because it’s comfortable, like a second skin. One step closer to getting back to you!

    What It’s Made Of?

    - Material 50% Terylene
    - 25% Nylon
    - 25% Silk Rubber Silk

    Care Instructions

    - Do not iron
    - Do not tumble dry
    - Do not bleach
    - For longer life hand wash and dry flat only.

    Treat your new BFF with care, you’ll have it on high rotation!


    The BasiK Belly Band is not intended to be a medical device and does not claim to permanently change or adapt your body, any sculpting effects are temporary, during usage only, do not wear for extended periods of time and always abide by the following warnings.

    ● Always check with your GP/Physician/Obstetrician before using this product.

    ● Do not use as a substitute to a healthy lifestyle. We recommend a slow approach incorporating self care and exercise. The BasiK Belly band is for temporary use and is not to provide permanent changes

    ● Never wear the BasiK Belly band too tightly- it is designed only to shape your body. Wrapping too tightly can put pressure on your core, pelvic floor, and ribcage.

    ● If you feel uncomfortable, loosen immediately or discontinue use.

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