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Fragrance-free, waterless, and organic. BasiK-ly this is the crème de la crème for sensitive skins and those prone to dry skin conditions. With no essential oils, this is your safe space for easily irritated skins. As soon as it touches the skin it melts.

Organic shea butter, coconut oil and calendula, nourishing avocado and jojoba oils intensely hydrate and comfort skin as they moisturise. Enjoy a little luxury and replenish thirsty skin.

This luxe cream moonlights as a lavish hand cream perfect for dry hands/cuticles, eye cream or a rich sleep-in mask. The clean and waterless formula means a little goes a long way.


Apply lovingly to help soothe and add moisture, suitable for all skin types including dry, easily irritated skin. We invite you to say, ‘I create peace in my mind, I accept myself’

All Ingredients:

Organic Unrefined shea butter

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Avocado Oil

Organic Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) Oil

Calendula Officinalis

BasiK Truths:

Australian Made

100% Cruelty Free

For All

Gluten Free


100% Certified Organic

Synthetic Promise


With Love


Reusable Container




  • Store below 29 degrees, in a dry place
  • Away from direct sunlight, with the lid firmly closed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Instantly melts in skin!

This cream is so luxurious. I love how it can be used as a hand cream as I always have dry hands. It feels really nice used as an eye cream too!

It works really well on dry skin

The cream is really good for very dry skin, especially during winter months with heating is on all the time. It helps my daughter’s eczema skin a lot. Love the natural ingredients. Will keep using it. Thanks for the great product.

Margot Power
The best cream for baby skin

This cream is absolutely beautiful. So nourishing for baby’s skin. I love the texture and how it melts into the skin as it is applied. Perfect for baby massage.

Another effective product from Basik.

Bought this as my daughter came up in a rash all over, flaring at different times. I used the Skin Balm when she was younger for everything and needed a heavy duty cream that would last and be effective. It worked to calm her skin immediately and now I use it as a hand mask!

The kids love this cream

Both my girls have very bad eczema ( like inflamed, pus weepy bad ) These products are their favourite - they smell lovely and don’t sting. I have found them quite effective in soothing flare ups and a little really goes a long way. Definitely recommended as an alternative to stingy creams for kids who have Eczema!

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